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Free In-Home Color Consulting

We work with design professionals who can help you make the right decision for your interior or exterior painting project. Contact Fresh Touch Custom Painting to schedule your complimentary color consultation today and learn about creative color ideas that can enhance your home or business.

Exterior Wood Trim & Siding

Proper preparation of wood surfaces is vital to insure the best paint adhesion and provide you with a beautiful, long lasting finish to your home. Various types of wood require different kinds of preparation. In general, wood products require re-caulking. On previously painted wood surfaces, hand scraping is necessary in order to remove all loose paint before painting. In addition, the surface must be re-caulked and exposed, and all bare wood must be primed.

Aluminum Siding

The process for painting aluminum siding begins with proper preparation. To insure this, Fresh Touch Custom Painting uses a combination of pressure washing and hand washing to remove dirt, oil, or chalking from the surface. On chalky surfaces, it is necessary to clean and sometimes add a chemical bonding agent. All landscaping and plants are covered gently with drop cloths and windows and doors are masked off with paper. The products we use are specifically manufactured for aluminum surfaces and are applied with an airless sprayer to produce an even finish that will last for years.


In order to properly paint stucco, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface. In order to do this we begin by pressure washing the entire house. It is sometimes necessary to chemically treat areas that have been exposed to mold or mildew and it is normal to see permanent stains after this process. Hairline cracks are common and the material we use is designed to minimize their appearance. After your home has been properly prepared, it is ready to be repainted; total saturation is the key in this process. To achieve this the paint is applied using a combination of airless spray, brush, and/or roller techniques. This will provide a full and uniform coverage of the stucco and insure a great-looking, long-lasting finish for your home.

Hardi Siding

What many people love most about hardi board siding is how versatile it is. In addition to being strong enough to withstand the majority of the elements, hardi board material can mimic the appearance and texture of wood, leaving a beautiful finish. We highly recommended priming all newly installed unprimed hardi siding. Our primers are specially formulated to be applied to fiber cement siding, such as hardie siding. After your surfaces is properly primed, we use 100 percent acrylic exterior paint for your home, as acrylic paint is best suited for fiber cement, stone and stucco exterior painting. We make sure all of your caulking is completed, and that all of your rough, and cut ends are primed when possible. Additionally, we make sure that you complete a complete washing of the hardi board exterior prior to painting. This increases the durability of the paint job and helps to maintain the finish by preventing premature peeling and chipping.

Cedar House Staining

Finishes can be brushed, rolled, sprayed or applied by dipping. The application technique, the quality and quantity of finish applied, the surface condition of the substrate, and the weather conditions at the time of application can substantially influence the life expectancy of the finish. How a finish is applied to cedar is important for durability and good performance. When used as a natural finish, the service life of a water-repellent is only one to two years depending upon the wood and the exposure. Treatments on textured surfaces generally last longer than those on smooth surfaces.

Wood Decking & Fence

Wood decks and fences are generally constructed of cedar or treated lumber. They are most often stained with a semi-transparent oil stain on the deck floor, post, rails, and fence. This material is designed to add color and provide protection by penetrating the wood surface and leaving a wood preservative inside. The most common problem with deck finishes is on deck floors. Solid stains or paints almost always begin to fail quickly due to extremes of water, sun, and traffic. If your deck is new, we strongly recommend using a semi-transparent stain specifically designed for decks. If your deck has been previously painted or stained with a solid body stain that has begun to fade, it can be repainted or re-stained in the same manner. We recommend the same specifications and products for fences. Due to the problems inherent in painting deck floors, they cannot be warranted.

Minor Wood Repair & Trim Carpentry

Rotten exterior wood trim is a common problem on most houses. It can be replaced by our experienced carpenters who have the proper tools and who follow the proper procedures. Replacing rotten wood trim and decking can prevent further damage of your home and save you money in the long run. Once the wood replacement is complete we prime all bare wood surfaces. You can prevent future rotting problems by staying on top of routine maintenance, such as keeping gutters cleaned out and keeping a solid coat of paint on all exterior wood.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your home is one of the quickest ways to revive the look of your home, your driveway, sidewalks, or decks. Pressure washing your home safely removes hazardous mold, mildew and excessive pollen deposits from your home. A thorough cleaning of your home helps prepare the way and provide you with a smooth and debris free surface to paint. Any remaining peeling paint will be scraped prior to painting. Paint chips left behind during the pressure washing process will be cleaned up at the end of the painting project.

Interior Painting

The proper application of paint on walls and trim can change the look of your home. Using the right paint, selecting the proper products, and using our professional techniques will give you the results you desire in your home and/or business. Color consultants are available to assist you in creating custom color plans to help you select the finish you would like on your project. Our knowledgeable staff will identify any issues your walls or trim might have and proper preparations will be applied prior to painting. When accomplished, a custom paint job is guaranteed to improve the value of your home and/or business. We also specialize in decorative finishes as well as staining and lacquering of interior wood trim and furniture.

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is one of the most time consuming and labor-intensive jobs you can undertake. Few painting projects are more messy, or frustrating, than stripping wallpaper. Stripping wallpaper is a process that requires the use of special tools, chemical materials, and most of all, a lot of patience. The key to wallpaper removal techniques is not damaging the drywall or plaster underneath. We have invested in special tools to help minimize the damage that can occur during the stripping process. Whether we go the perforation route or use steaming when stripping wallpaper, our primary concern is preserving the wall condition underneath. Minor damage to the sub-wall during the stripping process can result in drywall repair. Repairing any damaged areas on the sub-wall is performed by applying a drywall compound to minor and major blemishes. Our experienced professionals can get the job done in less time and with a fraction of the frustration that an average homeowner is sure to experience.

Basement Waterproofing

Few things are more frustrating to a homeowner than basement water leaks. Leaks in your basement can ruin your basement walls and create mold problems. The end results of a leak in your basement could be material, such as damaged possessions or damage to the home's structure, or physical, such as health problems caused by wet basement mold. Waterproofing your basement is the best preventative step you can take. Whenever you discover wetness on your interior masonry walls, find out what is causing the seepage problem. Check for leaky gutters and downspouts, blocked drainage pipes, improper grading or ruts that direct water towards your foundation. For best waterproofing results, correct all of these problems prior to having work performed. Our professionals apply masonry waterproof products to your basement walls to ensure a dry basement. Masonry waterproofer penetrates tiny pores in the surface and bonds itself to the masonry to act as an integral barrier to stop water seepage. Ordinary paint only adheres to the surface and oncoming water pressure can force it off. Our waterproof products penetrate and seal the surface to form a tough waterproof barrier. Proper maintenance will avoid costly repairs down the line.

Property Management

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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Drywall Finishing and Hanging

Drywall hanging and finishing is a vital part of new construction, remodel construction and maintenance work. At Fresh Touch Custom Painting we can accommodate all of your drywall needs from full service hanging and finishing on a commercial and new residential scale to finishing off your basement. Converting your old textured ceilings to smooth is another service we provide that will give your home a great update without a full scale remodel. Our attention to detail during painting passes over to our drywall work; our team will properly mask off the areas we are working in and do our best to leave you dust free. Our ability to do full service drywall and painting helps facilitate your job with less headaches in scheduling and a great turn key service for all your finishing needs.